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  • Triple your revenue
  • Shape your industry with thought leadership
  • Build a loyal community of superfans
  • Get first results already within 4 weeks

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Make Winning Clients Feel Magically Easy

Develop and implement a LinkedIn personal branding strategy for your business that pulls your dream clients into your world.

Who is the Sprint for?

Entrepreneurs & Founders

Build personal brands for you and your key employees. Grow your B2B-business, find top-talent and multiply the reach of your company brand. See your sales skyrocketing, while saving thousands of euros in ads.


Accellerate the leadership teams of your startups with a system that will decrease their time to market, 10X their B2B sales and win them top-notch talent - without spending money on ads.


Use our step-by-step process in the most efficient way possible to win clients fast. Build an authentic personal brand that serves you as a long-term asset for all of your future marketing and sales campaigns.


Build a thought leader brand for your consultancy. Educate your audience about the possibilities and become the top-of-mind expert that potential clients turn to first.

Sales Experts

Multiply your sales, reduce sales cycles and save time on repetitive tasks by hyper-targeting your customers and using the most effective LinkedIn sales strategies. Build authentic personal brands to create a high-value sales asset.

  • Tech Startups
  • Tech Consulting Firms
  • Lead Generation Agencies
  • PR Agencies
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Recruiters
  • CEOs
  • Coaching firms
  • Keynote Speakers

See Results Of This Program

Take A Look At Michael's Journey

Michael Prothmann

Ex-CEO Obi
Founder MPCG



Total LinkedIn content views




Booked pre-qualified sales calls

Results After 6 Months

9 M+

Total LinkedIn content views


New followers


Booked pre-qualified sales calls

Meet More Clients

Laurent is Europe’s Leading Trend Scout whose clients include Europe’s Top 50 corporations. He won 3 new customers within his first week and has had to hire two more team members to cope with the demand.

Laurent Burdin

CEO & Founder

Using the viral content types, Bora established him and AdEx Partners as a thought leader in digital strategy and grew from 4.000 to 14.000 followers in 6 months.

Bora Ger

Senior Manager Digital Strategy

Get Support In Weekly Coaching Sessions

Learn from entrepreneurs who scaled up businesses from 0 to 5 million € and built a community of more than 75.000 LinkedIn followers.

Adi Suja

Founder of GrowthClub

  • 100+ Million LinkedIn views in 3 years with zero $ in ad-spend
  • $2 Million inbound business with his companies last year
  • 500+ experiments on all aspects of LinkedIn
  • Founder of (top 3 LinkedIn agency)
  • Ex-Head of Growth at &

Marc Eichner

Founder of Monetizing Individuality

  • Helped 47+ leaders create powerful personal brands
  • Rescued a company from bankruptcy & scaled it from 1 to 4 Million €
  • Featured by Washington Post and Süddeutsche Zeitung
  • Founder of IOX with clients such as Deloitte and onpier
  • Serial entrepreneur and founder of 6 businesses

Join our Community of Happy CreatorPreneurs

Client happiness 9.78 of 10

Get Ready For Transformation

In our careers, we have spent more than 500.000 € on trainings to only implement 5% of the knowledge. Sounds familiar? That's why we designed this training to be different.
Save time learning only what makes the difference and implement it right away
Learn proof-tested methods from the Top 1% Growth Hacking Practioners
Don't be stuck with strategies that don't work for your business, learn  from us live
Get into the Growth Hacking mindset to skyrocket your impact
Make experiments a habit and continuously test what works for your exact target-group
Stay on top of LinkedIn changes - our agency with 30 employees runs tests daily
Implement all strategies end-to-end with step-by-step guides

Become Part Of The Monetizing Individuality Community

Connect, learn and partner with other high-profile entrepreneurs and creators.

I trippled my turnover and won two strategic partners

Susanne Plassmann

CEO & Founder
Community Facts

Founders & investors


Save Time Learning

LinkedIn Masterclass Videos

Learn fast and from anywhere, anytime with videos.

Jumpstart With Blueprints

Use templates and step-by-step guides to accelerate your journey.

Get Unstuck 24/7

Get feedback fast from experts and your peers in the community.

Walk The 3 Steps Of Rapid Growth

1. Learn What's Possible

  • Smart outreach
  • Efficient inbound
  • 360° positioning

2. Define Your System    

  • Define processes
  • Set-up your team
  • Implement tools

3. Optimize Your System        

  • Continuously experiment
  • Enrich your data base
  • Train your team

Choose Your Strategic Core Elements

Create an irresistable personal brand 

Exponentially grow with an efficient multi channel strategy

Save time and budget with a pillar content strategy

Set up a growth marketing team to save time

Conduct high-converting webinars with hundreds of participants

Further Elements

  • Create a community
  • Master storytelling
  • Create a lead-loop
  • And many, many more.

Ready To Get Work Done?

Create impact with 47+ high-profile CreatorPreneurs.
  • Establish your personal brand
  • Generate 30+ sales calls per month
  • Save time with guided learning
  • Get results already in 4 weeks

4 Weeks LinkedIn CreatorPreneur Sprint